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    • In order to reduce greenhouse gas emission, we have constructed a green management system which contributes to low-carbon, green growth complete with various energy reduction activities, including maintenance of a greenhouse gas inventory, introduction of new technology for the reduction of greenhouse gas, and installation of reduction equipment. With such efforts, Pacificglas has taken on full environmental responsibility and by our commitment to the Climatic Change Convention.
    • We have fulfilled the responsibilities and obligations of emission reduction by fully complying with the laws and regulations on environment by establishing and implementing strict in-house standards on environment management in order to minimize the creation wastes and waste water. In particular, we continuously pursue a basic environmental plan and general policies under the management of a dedicated organization for environmental protection which uses professional technology to process hydrofluoric acid under our own environmental protection standards, and we also take the lead in the advancement of waste water processing technology. In addition, we have installed TMS (Telemonitoring System) on the discharge facility to measure the production of air pollution, optimizing the real-time measurement and management of air pollutants.
    • Clean workplace management is an element of regional environment improvement activities and by taking the lead in an environmental protection campaign in the community, including the management of clean coast for 1 company, purification of 1 stream for 1 company, and 128 environment voluntary work activities.